Aransas County Commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, Aug. 31, took action regarding several items related to the 2021 budget and 2020 tax rate.

The court first heard a report from County Tax Assessor/Collector Jeri Cox about the re-calculation of the No-New-Revenue, Voter Approval, and Debt tax rates.

This is required because the I&S (debt tax rate) was calculated initially under the assumption the court would approve the issuance of certificates of obligation (for the new courthouse, etc.) Since that time, a petition was circulated forcing a vote for the CO’s issuance, which will now take place in the Nov. 3 election.

The county can’t set the I&S rate to pay for debt without the corresponding debt in place.

The No-New-Revenue rate ($.433543), which commissioners, approved at their Aug. 10 meeting, did not change in the re-calculation.

Commissioner Wendy Laubach said she hopes the bond issue is approved by voters, and if it is approved, “this covers us.’”

The court then approved the new proposed 2020 tax rate (actual rate did not change, but the elements within the overall tax rate did change).

The new breakdown of the No-New-Revenue rate is $.314028 for M&O, $.046757 for I&S, $.061938 for road and bridge/flood control M&O, and $.01082 for flood control I&S.

There is no requirement for a public hearing regarding the tax since the No-New-Revenue rate is proposed.

The final action taken by commissioners was setting Monday, Sept. 14 as the date to adopt the 2021 budget and 2020 tax rate.

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