Rockport Mayor Pat Rios, far right, presented the Lifeguard Rescue Award to Rockport Community Pool head lifeguard Cory Marr at the June 25 Rockport City Council meeting. On hand were, from left, Aquatic Park Manager Joe Riekers and Parks & Leisure Services Director Rick Martinez.

Rockport Community Pool head lifeguard Cory Marr was presented the Lifeguard Rescue Award at the Tuesday, June 25 Rockport City Council meeting.

Mayor Pat Rios noted Marr performed a water rescue for six-year-old Mackenzie Morgan of Portland. The young girl was in distress and required assistance following a poorly executed dive attempt.

“Marr’s quick action prevented what could have been a tragedy. His training to act and respond to this critical need, demonstrated professionalism, competency and bravery, without hesitation,” said Rios.

Aquatic Park Manager Joe Riekers, is his letter recommending the award, said Morgan was visiting the pool and went on the high diving board and attempted to dive to the water.

“Her fearless attempt at a high dive did not go as planned and she hit the water flat, face down,” said Riekers. “The impact knocked the wind out of her and she remained motionless in the deep water for several seconds.”

He said Marr observed this occurrence and recognized the signs of a passive person in the water and blew the whistle to activate the Emergency Action Plan.

“Marr entered the water and swam quickly to little Mackenzie,” said Riekers. “He swept her up in a passive rescue move that placed her upon the rescue flotation tube and efficiently brought her to the side of the pool.

“Once at the side of the pool, he assisted Mackenzie out of the pool and performed a full assessment. When Mackenzie fully regained her state consciousness she did not complain of any injuries other than a sore stomach.”

Riekers credited Marr for preventing a drowning.

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