The Texas Maritime Museum (TMM) is hosting a champagne reception beginning at 5:30 p.m. Friday, June 28 to celebrate 30 years of service to Aransas County.

The TMM is the official maritime museum for the State of Texas, and is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the rich maritime heritage of Texas.

It has successfully recovered from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, and continues to fulfill its mission of educating and entertaining the public about Texas maritime history through artifacts and exhibits.

The TMM is dedicated to the education of all ages, especially children. An ongoing tradition – S.E.A. Camp (Summertime Experience in Aransas County) and H2Odyssey Camp – which have free access for Aransas County children (1st through 5th grade), are both ongoing this summer.

Adult programming continues, as well. The quarterly History Happy Hour presentation will resume in August.

The TMM is celebrating its 30th anniversary throughout the year with events, programing, and an open door for tourism.

It is undergoing the reaccreditation process through the American Alliance of Museums in Washington, DC.

“Our museum has been fully accredited since August 2005, which affirms it has achieved the highest recognition possible for museums,” said TMM Executive Director Kathy Roberts-Douglass. “This accreditation signifies excellence in the museum community. It is a seal of approval and strengthens the entire field by promoting ethical and professional practices.”

The peer review team from the American Alliance of Museums will conduct a site visit this fall.

The local museum is one of only 47 accredited museums in Texas, and among 35,000 nationwide.

For more information call (361) 729-1271 or visit

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