Aransas County officials have joined a growing consortium of counties in authorizing services from for the purpose of providing trial court case information online.

Information about cases from both the district courts and the Aransas County Court-at-Law will soon be available at

District Clerk Pam Heard said, “We are hoping to have the court information available on the iDocket site by the first part of November.”

She explained, “This provides an additional backup system for our offices and an additional resource for county employees as well as anyone else who needs to check on court filings.”

County Clerk Peggy Friebele said, “We are happy to better serve our constituents. Easy access to our public court record saves time and money for the taxpayers, and the service is at no cost to the county.”

Currently there are several counties across the state of Texas which participate in's online database including Potter, Randall, Hidalgo, Cameron, El Paso, Harris, Hayes and several others. The company is adding other counties to its database on a regular basis.

Company CEO Armando Balderrama said, “We are excited about including more information for our subscribers and the general public on our website. Each time we add more court case information to we get closer to our goal of placing all trial court case information into one Internet-based, multi-county database.” provides case number, names of the parties, fines, fees, and payments, listing of all documents filed with the court clerk, listing of all notifications, subpoenas, etc., issued by the court clerk, filing date, disposition date, category of case, attorneys, bondsman, court and counties by: names of the parties, type of case, cases filed during a date range, cases disposed during a date range, court and attorney.

Additional information about Aransas County can be obtained by visiting the county's website at Additional information and frequently asked questions about can be found at the aforementioned website or by calling 1-800-iDocket.

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