The Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) has awarded The Rockport Cultural Arts District (RCAD) and the Rockport Center for the Arts (RCA) several grants totaling almost $100,000 to support and enhance its programs and initiatives in the District.

The grants, made possible by the establishment of the RCAD in 2016, were awarded in three categories - Cultural District Projects, Arts Respond Projects and Arts Create-General Projects.

“These awards from the TCA recognize the collaboration that has been the hallmark of all of RCAD’s work with its partners, including the RCA. It also acknowledges how far the District has come in four years, even with a major hurricane and pandemic,” said RCAD Executive Director Jennifer Day.

The RCAD received a Cultural District Project grant ($34,914) toward the restoration of the landmark Rockport Railroad Depot. The RCAD’s visionary goal is to restore and utilize the historic San Antonio & Aransas Pass Depot as a main transportation hub for the Heritage and Cultural Arts District, as well as provide the opportunity for the required parking for the new RCA Complex. The vision includes mobility options such as bicycle rentals, a trolley stop, parking and public bathrooms for downtown and beachfront businesses and venues.

The RCAD also received an Arts Respond grant ($4,500) to assist in the commissioning, production and installation of a mural entitled “Boats, Bays and Birds,” to be painted by prominent local artist Steve Russell. The theme is the continual inspiration of the Aransas Bay ecosystem and landscape for artists in the Rockport Art Colony from the forties to the present.

“Murals are an important part of Cultural Districts around the State, and the two we’ve already installed have become very popular and a recognizable part of downtown Rockport with both locals and visitors. Steve’s mural will be a prestigious addition to our mural initiatives,” said Day.

The Rockport Center for the Arts received a Cultural District Project grant ($45,000) to support its July 2021 Art Festival. The RCA also received TCA grant awards for an Arts Create-General Project ($12,500), and Arts Respond Project ($3,000) for the Rockport Film Festival.

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