The Rockport City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, June 9, approved a Consulting Services Agreement with the Aransas County Alliance Local Government Corporation (LGC) for the purpose of promoting economic development of the Aransas County Area, but only after two additions/clarifications were made at the request of Councilman Bob Cunningham.

Aransas County and Aransas County Navigation District commissioners have already approved their agreements, and the Fulton Town Council is expected address its agreement at its meeting Monday night.

The city and county have each committed $12,000 this fiscal year to the LGC. The ACND and Fulton committed $2,500 apiece.

Each of the four LGC sponsoring (subscribing) entities are signing separate agreements, so the changes approved in the city’s agreement with the LGC shouldn’t affect the other sponsoring entities.

“I have no problem with entering into the agreement,” said Cunningham, but added he has a problem with part of the agreement addressing year one priorities.

Although mentioned in other sections of the agreement, Cunningham did not like that the two biggest first year priorities – creating a one-stop shop for someone doing business in the county, and attracting the workforce lost after Hurricane Harvey – are not included in the section that specifically outlines year one priorities.

“It’s great if that is what they (EDC) are doing, but as a subscribing entity, then I think it (year one priorities) should be coming from us,” said Cunningham.

“You have a list from (a) to (o) listing things the LGC wants ‘X’ to do (and those two things aren’t included as year one priorities).”

Cunningham added he wouldn’t have a problem with the agreement as written if it didn’t read “year-one” in the section about which he is concerned.

“When you get to (o) that’s what we want them to do (the two priorities) in year one,” said Cunningham.

“I don’t think doing this would mean anything to the other subscribing entities,” he said. “We aren’t all signing the same (a single) contract.”

After several more minutes of discussion, the motion was made, seconded, and carried unanimously to add the two priorities Cunningham pointed out in the section where year one priorities are specifically noted.

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