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Rockport resident and author Helene Harris has written four books since retiring from the Army Nurse Corps.

Rockport resident Helene Harris has authored four books since retiring after a 26-year-career in the Army Nurse Corps.

“While in the Army I wrote a lot nursing articles, but never a book,” she said. “When I retired, I decided to start writing books.”

The topics of her books are all different, demonstrating Harris’ range.

Her four books are Walking with Jerry, Mad American Citizen: Fire ‘em all: Power Corrupts, God is Always with Us: Ten Children’s Stories of Hope, Faith and Trust, and Travels with Isabella and Her Military Family.

Walking with Jerry is about her family’s struggles dealing with her father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and how her father went from a man full of integrity and kindness, to someone she didn’t know.

Mad American Citizen: Fire ‘em all: Power Corrupts is about the need for term limits.

“I wrote this after what we’ve been through the last four years,” said Harris.

God is Always with Us: Ten Children’s Stories of Hope, Faith and Trust uses various animals to highlight problems we all face, including jealousy, fear, pride, gluttony, gossiping, etc.

Travels with Isabella and Her Military Family is about her Shih Tzu.

“My husband and I are both retired military. Our Shih Tzu traveled all over the Plains states, the East Coast, and Korea with us before settling in Texas,” said Harris.

The book is geared toward children ages eight to 11.

“I changed the name of my Shih Tzu, Ni-shi, to Isabella. The majority of it is true. Some parts are embellished for better reading,” she said.

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