About to move

The back portion of Kline’s Café (see line in outer wall and different windows), which is not part of the original structure, will be demolished before the original structure is moved to its new location in the Heritage District.

The Rockport City Council, at its regular meeting Tuesday, Oct. 27, acting as the Heritage District board of directors, approved a Heritage District Certificate of Appropriateness application, which will allow the demolition of the back side of Kline’s Café (106 S. Austin St.).

The portion to be demolished is not part of the original structure. The room, which was added back in the 60s, was used as the restaurant’s kitchen. There is also an attached “shed-like” structure, which housed a hot water heater.

Once the demolition is complete, the process of moving the building to its new Heritage District location can begin. The final plans/scheduling will be published in The Rockport Pilot once they are announced.

The rear portion of the building is not attached to the main structure. It sits on a separate foundation, and therefore can’t be moved in one piece. The application noted it is more economically feasible to demolish the added structure rather than moving it separately from the main structure.

The council accepted the staff recommendation to approve the Certificate of Appropriateness Application given that the add-on is not a contributing part of the structure.

“The information we’ve received indicates there is no historical significance (attached to the add-on structure),” said Community Planner Amanda Torres.

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