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Members of Terry L. Poerner’s family, from left, Skylar White, Karen White, Susan Garcia, and George Garcia, were present at the unveiling of the plaque that hangs on the WRC’s new bird hospital to honor Poerner and her foundation. The inside of the WRC’s new bird hospital is a drastic improvement over its old one; with more than double the space. The old building will still be used as a gift shop and information center.

The Wings Rescue Center (WRC) formally introduced the addition of its all-new bird hospital donated to them by the Terry Lynn Poerner Charitable Fund Foundation Saturday, Aug. 31.

The new hospital is a completely new building dedicated to the preservation of birds. It gives the organization a second building on the property of the WRC.

Before the donation of the hospital, the WRC worked and performed everything out of one smaller building. That building will now be used as a gift shop and information center.

“We bought this overgrown land at the beginning of 2017 and look what we have now to help our birds … Birds that Aransas County loves and visitors come here to enjoy,” said WRC President Kay Adams.

The volunteer-run organization wanted to formally introduce its new hospital to the organizations that have helped them grow rapidly over the last three years. Organizations such as Aransas County, the Aransas County Navigation District, and Castaways were present at the ceremony.

“I have a very soft spot for animals, and I’ll do anything to help this organization,” said Aransas County Judge C.H. “Burt” Mills.

The WRC also dedicated its new hospital to the Terry Lynn Poerner Charitable Fund Foundation in front of Susan and George Garcia, directors of the foundation.

Susan was the sister of Terry, who passed away after years of battling complications related to epilepsy.

Terry was a selfless individual that spent many hours volunteering regardless of her health complications. The foundation was organized after Terry’s passing by her parents.

It’s a foundation that identifies volunteer-run organizations and assists them.

Susan and George met Adams last year and gave them a personal tour of the WRC’s facilities. They were blown away with all that the WRC was doing with just one building and wanted to help.

“Through her (Terry) foundation, she’s helped a wide variety of deserving charities,” said S. George.

Susan was amazed with all that the WRC could do with the space they had.

“These people (WRC) are all volunteers. They’re not taking any money, and if you give them a piece of wood they’re going to find a use for it,” said S. George. “They’re very adapt and capable of using every resource they get. I just, I just had never seen anything like it.”

Last year, the WRC saved about 500 birds. In 2019, as of Saturday, Aug. 31, the organization has rescued 450 birds; 323 of them being babies. 172 of those baby birds have been from other areas because the WRC is now the only rescue center in the Coastal Bend that will take in and raise juvenile birds. Those baby birds taken from other areas are then released into Aransas County when they are old enough.

“We release them here in Aransas County, which is helping bring back our bird population,” said Adams. “We lost 1,000’s of birds during the hurricane.”

For more information on the WRC, visit them on Facebook or on their website at

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