Shortly after Hurricane Harvey devastated Aransas County, and after evaluation and review of the widespread damage, it was obvious that a Comprehensive Long Term Recovery Plan (CLTRP) was needed to guide recovery into the future.

By late 2017, the basic framework for such recovery was in place, and the key elements drawn up in draft. This would later be formalized as the CLTRP.

One of the key elements in the CLTRP is strategic communications, with the focus of keeping the public informed about the direction and progress of recovery, as well as to maintain open channels of communication with the agencies and organizations whose participation and assistance is critical for a successful long-term recovery.

The Aransas County LTRT provided access to the information about activities and actions of the team.

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Joi Robertos

I am happy to see that government has started doing his work for the betterment of Aransas County. They have suffered a lot of damage due to the hurricane and they do need a lot of attention. I read here more information for help. They have made a lot of long term recovery strategy but they will take a lot of time. People need to be settled somewhere they can survive easily and government should provide them shelter as well.

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