The Fulton Town Council, at its regular meeting Monday, Jan. 6, approved a draft resolution urging State Attorney General Ken Paxton to investigate TWIA and punish everyone responsible for not properly paying claims, among other things.

“This is a rough draft,” said Mayor Jimmy Kendrick. “(Fulton Police) Chief (Rick) McLester and I drive around Fulton a lot and there are many people who are in dire need of help.

“This resolution is not meant to be rude, I’m just wanting to help our residents.”

After Kendrick read through the rough draft, Alderwoman Beverly Garis said, “TWIA didn’t help me any.”

The mayor said he has heard that too often from Fulton residents.

“We are the first city I know of to do this,” said Kendrick.

The mayor said once the final draft is finished, it will be delivered to state officials, as well as to many others.

The rough draft of the resolution reads:

“Hurricane Harvey devastated the Town of Fulton Aug. 25, 2017.

“Hurricane Harvey caused (millions of dollars in damage) and damaged (x) homes.

“Fulton is grateful for the assistance provided by the State of Texas and U.S. Government.

“However, many of our residents paid for windstorm insurance and have not had their claims paid.

“Windstorm insurance is just that. It is insurance and the policyholders are entitled to have their claims paid.

“It’s been almost 2-1/2 years since the damage and the insurance company still has not paid may policy holders in Fulton what they are owed.

“This delay has caused tremendous hardship for our residents and affected their ability to go on about the task of rebuilding their lives.

“TWIA failed to communicate in its practices and open records violations with our residents and businesses. This has created a great amount of questions, plus lack of faith in the TWIA Board.

“TWIA has demonstrated continued support to increase insurance premiums and possible price fixing to hinder and place undo hardships on residents of Fulton during our recovery process.

“TWIA owes its policy holders and must honor its promise of payment of just claims, as well as to insure homeowner’s property.

“TWIA was established as the last resource for insurance in the 14 coastal counties. Failure by TWIA to cover homes can and will cause foreclosures and create mental stress on all residents.

“To not honor claims or follow legislative regulations is bad faith and should be investigated.

“The residents and businesses of Fulton should not live in fear of TWIA, but should be able to work on reestablishing their lives and homes.”

When finalized, the final sentence of the resolution will urge the Texas Attorney General to investigate “TWIA’s insuring in bad faith and punish those responsible.”

(Note: Mayor Kendrick provided the following statistics while reading the draft resolution. He said he obtained the numbers from Aransas County Chief Appraiser Mike Soto.)

Real estate statistics in Fulton

• Total valuation - $137,710,140

• 1,155 residential homes, mobile homes, and condominiums

• 25 waterfront homes valued at $14,154,160

• 91 condominiums valued at $6,323,150

• 557 single-family homes valued at $100,364,510

• 482 mobile homes valued at $16,868,320

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