Rockport Mayor Patrick Rios is seeking reelection in the Nov. 3 Election. If reelected, this will be his final term, due to term limits.

“A lot has changed in Rockport during the past there years since Hurricane Harvey. I feel we have come a long way and are indeed much better off than before the storm,” said Rios.

Recounting the path taken since Harvey, he said, “I want to take an account of the setbacks, and then focus on our progress and successes.

“Harvey hit here Aug. 25, 2017. There is no point reviewing what happened, we all know.

“In June and October 2018 we experienced devastating flooding from torrential rains.

“This past March we were hit with the coronavirus pandemic. In July 2020, Hurricane Hanna caused much damage with storm surge and flooding, and we were just threatened by Tropical Storm Beta.”

Rios notes the common thread with all these events is they were declared Federal and State disasters.

“But, we are a resilient people,” said Rios. “We are tough, optimistic and see a bright future for ourselves, our families, and our friends and neighbors.

“Take a look at what we have chosen to do in spite of these challenges. We have, for the most part, learned to avoid the coronavirus and survive. We have found ways to get or kids back in school, in person, or virtually through technology. We have rebuilt our homes better and stronger. We have learned that we can fight adversity and win.

“There is much growth in our neighboring communities. There one sees new businesses opening or existing businesses expanding. This growth is providing good paying job opportunities.

“Our city is experiencing a housing growth spurt. Investors see our great city with a great future and are building here. We have a variety of housing projects in various states of development. We will have affordable and market value rate apartments. Some of these are already on line or are nearing completion. We have two new housing subdivisions that are, or will start building soon. An affordable, senior living complex is set to break ground shortly, as well.

“This means much needed, good paying jobs for our workers, and our school district will benefit from the addition of new students.

“Let’s face it; people want to live in Rockport.”

Rios said his job as mayor changed drastically after Harvey, and the five other disasters added more and different responsibilities.

“I have learned to work well with FEMA, the Texas General Land Office, HUD, Texas Department of Emergency Management, Coastal Bend Council of Governments, the Governor’s Office, U.S. Senators Cruz and Cornyn, Congressman Michael Cloud, Representatives Todd Hunter and our very own Geanie Morrison. We work regularly with State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, and other state a local officials too numerous to mention.”

He noted these people, and those representing the aforementioned organizations and state and federal agencies, in addition to being valuable recourses for recovery and growth of Rockport, are friends.

Rios noted the city works hand in hand with Aransas County, the Aransas County Navigation District, the Aransas County Independent School District, and other entities.

“Our goals are the same. We work to keep our community safe, prosperous, and growing,” said Rios. “I have not accomplished our successes alone. The city has a great team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and motivated city staff and city council.”

Rios reminds Rockport voters about the important Nov. 3 election (early voting starts Oct. 13).

“There are many projects nearing completion, and I am asking for your vote so I can continue to move these projects along,” said Rios. “If reelected, I will be completing my final term due to term limits. I will only have 18 months of service left (because the May election was postponed to November).

“If you share my goals for retaining the charm of Rockport with responsible, clean growth, let’s team up and get the job done.

“I hope you are better off today than you were the day after Harvey.

“I promise to continue to put my experience to work for all of us.”

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