The Fulton Town Council held a public hearing at its regular meeting Monday, Jan. 6, regarding a request by Joseph Lang to rezone property located at 1401 Mesquite St. from R1 to R2/R3 (Residential/Multi-family).

At an initial public hearing Dec. 16, Lang said the first phase of his plan is to build a small 800-sq.-ft. home on pier and beam for a friend, and to later construct several bed and breakfast units, as money becomes available, to help supplement his family’s retirement income.

After an emotional presentation to the council Monday, during which he refuted everything Gwen Wendell (a property owner near the property) said during the Dec. 16 public hearing, Lang withdrew his request.

At the Dec. 16 meeting Wendell talked about the “changes in the continuity” of the neighborhood. Wendell noted she has lived on her property for 52 years.

She also noted the Langs are friends, but good intentions sometimes don’t always work out.

At Monday’s hearing Lang said, “I let Gwen Wendell just talk last meeting and get everything off her chest.

“I don’t know what she was talking about in regard to the continuity of the neighborhood.

“In every direction she looks from her property she can see an RV Park (or other business).

“Since I moved there I’ve done numerous things for her for free, but now she doesn’t think I’m going to be a good neighbor?

“Since she has lived there all the boat barns (and other things in the area) have been constructed.

“I’m pulling my request to rezone (until I’m ready to do my entire project).”

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